About Ariel Laboratories Natural Skin Care Formulations

Ariel Laboratories is a Custom Skin Care Product Development and Manufacturer of most forms of cosmetics, skin care, sun care and OTC products. The company is located in Central New Jersey, less than a one-hour drive from New York City. Its facility is FDA-compliant for both Cosmetics and OTC products.

Ariel Laboratories’ extensive list of clients includes make-up masstige artists, celebrities, boutiques, entrepreneurs and multi-national companies. The company welcomes challenging new projects, and is driven to bring to fruition the most exotic product ideas.

Clients prefer Ariel Laboratories because of the company’s established reputation for exceptional customer service. Ariel Labs encourages chemists to work and interface directly with clients, to simplify the lines of communication, and form a truer working partnership. This open approach results in improved responsiveness and efficiency, as clients have direct access to Ariel’s expertise and emerging innovation.

With all of the resources to bring innovative concepts to market, Ariel can offer clients a turnkey solution, delivered from one convenient and trusted source.


Our mission focuses on earning the complete satisfaction of our clients through the development of outstanding product innovations and their on time delivery for successful launches. Years of research, and the ongoing study of functional materials incorporated into luxurious formulae, allow us to continuously create new concepts to meet new standards and requirements.


  • Good Manufacturing Practices, Customer Service, as well as Laboratory Services work hand in hand for the ultimate delivery of information, finished goods, and reliable service.


    Ariel is happy to support small-to-medium-sized companies with the desire and spirit to the advancement of cosmetic sciences. Our scientists, under the direction of our Master Chemist and President Peter Bohm, thrive on creating exotic formulations while consistently exploring new functional materials. Ariel views the Laboratory to be the heart beat that drives the life of our business.


    Ariel is fully compliant in international requirements in areas involving raw materials, dossiers and formulations. The company has joint-ventured technologically with several major companies in China and other regions. As result, we understand the requirements, expectations and regulations of the global marketplace.