Ariel Laboratories Supports Latest Generation Temptu Airbrush Makeup System®


(South Plainfield, NJ – July, 2016) The TEMPTU AIRbrush Makeup System®, the world’s first do-it-yourself airbrush makeup technology, debuted to great acclaim back in 2009. NJ-based product development and manufacturing company Ariel Laboratories collaborated with TEMPTU to create the makeup formula to support what, back then, was considered revolutionary. The intent: deliver flawless makeup application, once the exclusive domain of professional make-up artists, in a convenient, at-home, do-it-yourself system. With the help of Ariel Laboratories, TEMPTU accomplished this. Once reserved for professional use behind the scenes on film, television, and fashion shoots, TEMPTU designed its system to be user-friendly, enabling consumers to achieve professional level airbrush results.

The original system and components weighed in at almost two pounds, occupied a considerable amount of counter space, and required an electrical outlet to operate. Fast-forward to today, and the introduction of the latest TEMPTU device, a significantly more compact version of the original. The mechanism and airbrush are now comprised of a single, handheld cordless device that can be charged, and dispenses with a much quieter hum. A smaller and lighter version of its original self, the new TEMPTU device weighs less than nine ounces.

TEMPTU AIRbrush Makeup System was the brainchild of TEMPTU CEO Michael Benjamin. Those in the makeup industry recognize the TEMPTU name as a leader in makeup innovations and professional airbrush applications. The latter was Benjamin’s original inspiration for the do-it-yourself technology.

From the outset, Ariel Laboratories embraced Benjamin’s passion for the AIRbrush System and the product formulations needed to help actualize it. “Michael came to us with his vision for reinventing a complicated professional product, and creating a simple version for consumers, without compromising the technique and quality of the makeup,” said Peter Bohm, President and Chief Chemist for Ariel Laboratories. “The formula had to be of just the right composition to come smoothly out of the AIR pods and provide clean, even pigment distribution with every application. We created a state-of-the-art makeup formula that – when coupled with this innovative technology – made it possible for women everywhere to achieve flawless professional makeup application.”

The AIRbrush system has received numerous awards and recognitions since its debut. Most recently, the latest TEMPTU system was honored by Allure magazine with a Breakthrough Beauty 2015 award, and by Women’s Wear Daily with a Prestige Beauty 2015 Product of the Year award.

The new AIRbrush system also features improved formulations from Ariel Laboratories, which dispense in an even finer mist for a softer, even-toned finish. A wider array of shades is now offered, as well as luminescent highlighters that result in a satin sheen to the skin. While one does not have to be a makeup professional to get outstanding results with TEMPTU, the professional community also benefits from the latest design. Professionals can fill empty pods with their own custom blend for a completely distinct shade. And as the componentry is lighter, less bulky and easier to handle than typical professional grade airbrush equipment, Bohm expects makeup artists to readily appreciate the new compact model. “This latest TEMPTU system really takes into account the pro, the first-timer and everyone in between,” Bohm adds. “We are delighted to be of continued support to a brand that demonstrates a continuous drive to innovate and evolve.”

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