Color Cosmetics

Color Cosmetics product development involves minerals of the highest quality ingredients, with many all natural options also available. To guarantee consistency and quality, every one of Ariel Laboratories cosmetics are created using dermatological and scientific research that complies with industry standard Good Manufacturing Procedures (GMP). As part of our commitment to maintaining the highest scientific and ethical standards, our products are never tested on animals.


Pot, stick or long lasting silicone types in click pens. In addition to formulas providing light coverage, all of these systems may be formulated to yield very high coverage to deal with the most serious camouflage needs. These systems are ideal for both the consumer sector as well as post-operative and dermatological sectors.

Foundation Make-Up

Water Based and Silicone emulsions are the state of the art systems that stay put while achieving skin perfection and yet allow your skin to feel natural and light. Soufflé and other types of systems are also available in all natural, hot pour and SPF foundation products.

Mascaras & Liners

A great deal of research over many years has yielded a variety of formulations, which will be a starting point for your approval. These formulas can be further embellished by the addition of functional material to meet your market claims.

Gel Liners & Shadows

These are the newest formulas off the bench. They yield vibrant black lines and luminous shadows composed with coated mineral pigments.

Mineral Powders & Mineral Make-Up

These come in many forms and systems.


Plumping, moods, high glass glossies, long-lasting formulae, sheers & luxurious mattes.

Lip Glosses

Plumping formulae, lip venom, ultra luxurious high shine while long wearing systems.

Lip Stains

Long wearing, water-based, tints and pearl tints.