Sun Care

Ariel Laboratories has created a number of sun care products, and has extensive experience in all types of products designed for tanning and surface protection.

Sun Care Products that contain an SPF (Sun Protection Factor) are considered pharmaceuticals by the FDA. The manufacturer must be properly licensed and registered, and every product needs to undergo specific quality assurance and assay tests.

Extreme Suncare and UV Protection . . . from head to toe

Ariel Laboratories develops numerous products that deliver superior sun protection in the most extreme climates and environments. All of our sun care products undergo extensive testing and validation to ensure effectiveness, whether for the athlete, adventurer, traveler, child, or avid sunbather.

Natural Sun Care Formulations

Natural or mineral sunscreen formulas use zinc oxide, titanium dioxide or a combination of the two to block the sun’s rays from our skin. These formulas typically involve natural and plant-sourced ingredients, as well as natural food-grade preservatives. All of our mineral formulas achieve a clear and dry-touch feel. Our R&D team can develop custom, all-natural sunscreen formulas that comply with North American natural product standards.


Beach, body, face, lip foundations, lip-gloss, lipstick and primers.