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Ariel Laboratories Puts Mascara in a Whole New Light

There's nothing new about people using mascara to enhance the color and shape of their eyes. The Egyptians were doing it 4,000 years ago. But when a mascara gets formulated with light resonating properties, and still meets the highest environmental and safety standards, that's news.

The newsmaker is a high-performance mascara that was engineered by Ariel Laboratories chemists using mineral pigments expressly selected for their light resonating capabilities."

"There's nothing else like this on the market," says Peter Bohm, President and CEO of Ariel. "It lengthens and thickens lashes while enhancing eye color brightness."

The new mascara formula is now being manufactured in super bright as well as muted colors, and both have the ability to bring out latent eye color. The new formula also doesn't smudge or 'cry away', and is easily applied with any well-designed brush.

And because only mineral pigments are being used, it is Polyethylene Glycol(PEG) free. Polyethylene Glycol is the commonly used poly ether compound that contains potentially toxic ethylene oxide and Dioxane, and has come under extreme scrutiny of late. So this new mascara will be genuinely welcomed on the shelves of California retailers, where a product is not allowed to have a single trace of Dioxane.

The new formula is best packaged in round, slender containers which extends product life and minimizes drying. A slender, round brush, large enough to pick up across the entire product surface, provides outstanding application results.

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Ariel Laboratories Research & Development

At Ariel Laboratories, custom formulating is what we do every day. And, because we do it every day, we have better knowledge of and access to new raw materials and emerging technologies. Unlike private label companies, we don't have a catalog or in-house product line-ups for customers to choose from – and we don't house large inventories of filled units – we create custom formulas as we receive specific requests from our customers.

Our customers constantly challenge us to develop new formulas that are different, better and more unique than what is already on the shelf. This demands that we be more creative to meet their needs and their expectations.


Ariel Laboratories Ariel Laboratories Ariel Laboratories
About Ariel Laboratories

Ariel Laboratories is a custom product development laboratory and manufacturer, headquartered in South Plainfield, NJ, USA, with three sites serving manufacturing and filling needs. Established in 1987, Ariel Laboratories is FDA-compliant in both cosmetics and OTC products; the company develops and manufactures products in both major categories. The company is also compliant in international requirements in all areas involving raw materials, dossiers, and formulations.

Ariel Laboratories actively supports small and medium-sized companies in the advancement of the cosmetic sciences. For more information on Ariel Laboratories, visit: www.ariellabs.com.

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